My research interests lie primarily in morphosyntax, particularly the topics of case, clitic doubling, and the architecture of phi-features. I generally approach these topics through my work on understudied languages, focusing on how each of these phenomena interact with dialectal micro-variation.

My research has focused on two main languages so far, Uab Meto and Yulparija:

Uab Meto (Austronesian; fieldwork):

  • Metathesis
  • Syntax-phonology interface
  • Nominal morphosyntax
  • Agreement in serial verb constructions
  • Focus intervention effects

Yulparija (Wati, Pama-Nyungan; archival documentation work):

  • Second position clitics
  • Case (clitics are NOM-ACC, DPs are ERG-ABS)
  • Syntactic microvariation


For each of these languages, I’ve completed documentation projects and created small-scale tagged corpora.